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The best servers and how to join them

If you want to join the best roleplaying servers and play as a calm shop clerk or a police officer, consult our instructions.

About Roleplay Server

How do you join RP, and what is it? Anyone who has used Skyrim's Alternative Start mods will be familiar with everything mentioned here; by installing a mod, you can start RP as an ordinary NPC rather than one of the main characters.Roleplaying is a popular fad that has been around for a while since it is rather idealistic - rather than being thrown into the spotlight, you may live out a normal life while inhabiting any persona you like.

What is a RP server?

It might be really intimidating if you are new to all of this. Find and apply to join servers, download the necessary mods to make it function, and then learn how to play the game properly. You'll also encounter a number of slang terminology that you might not be familiar with in addition to everything else. We've created a helpful beginning guide to assist anyone interested in joining in an effort to reduce some of that burden.

You can spawn into a map that has dozens of other players thanks to the installation of a mod and play as a police officer, a store clerk, or another character.Most servers offer a diverse selection of settings and don't follow a strict theme. Each site typically includes a website where they specify which exact mods to download in order to join, along with a number of forums where you can talk to people who have chosen a career similar to yours.Regarding the level of immersion they anticipate from you, certain servers are more strict than others, and the majority request that you refrain from breaking roleplay games.

How to download RP server mods?

Installing a mod is essential, although different RP servers will require you to download various mods. FiveM is the most well-liked from what we've seen. Visit their website and follow the instructions they provide to download it.

How to join
RP server

It requires effort to sign up for and keep up your status on a GTA RP server. The majority of servers will require you to read a set of rules and complete an application. As soon as your application is approved, you will be added to a queue, where you can move up in priority based on how strictly you adhere to the rules.


If you need help installing mods or connecting to the server, you can ask us for help! We will provide resources that will be able to find more information, as well as talk about the rules of the game on this or that server.

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